We have one shot at making your wedding day the best day ever – we cannot claim to be perfect humans, but we try to come pretty darn close! We try to cultivate a culture of excellence that extends to not only how we do things at Tres Beau, but also those vendors who are our team members working on your event. Anyone we recommend has either worked with us before or has a professional reputation that precedes them. 
We use an excellent online project management tool that will help make organizing the logistics easier, called Aisle Planner. Your checklists, budget tool, guest management tool, and more reside in this collaborative space. We also do not limit you on meetings with us. We understand that sometimes having the face-to-face with us is more reassuring! While we work hard at the work-life balance, we are here to serve your needs and try to be accommodating.


“Tres Beau” means very beautiful in French, so it’s no surprise that we have a love for the beautiful! This Core Value mostly speaks for itself and goes hand-in-hand with the others! There’s nothing more beautiful to me than a couple madly in love with one another!


Hospitality means so much more than having the correct wine glasses at dinner, or an old-fashioned vision of the housewife in heels and pearls. The heartbeat of being hospitable is simply doing things for others out of love. 

You may be blending families or cultures. You may have parents who have other priorities than to pay for your wedding. You certainly want to make sure that your closest friends and family are well-taken care of and comfortable! We assist in navigating these situations by advising on etiquette issues, budget reviews, and helping be your liaison and advocate with vendors (and sometimes over-zealous family members!)


We have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest in the wedding industry. On the one hand it’s a great tool to allow me to get inside your head a bit to understand what you want your wedding to be like. But on the other, we are inundated with beautiful pin-worthy photos and elements. It can be overwhelming & hard to narrow things down!

I believe that your wedding should be the best reflection of who you are as a couple. So integrating personal touches and giving you the freedom to express your style is something close to my heart! We do this by working with creative professionals who will take a Wedding Vision and Priorities questionnaire that you’ll fill out and craft a beautiful event for you.

Personal Style & Good Design


Cultivating your relationship with your future spouse should be one of the most important tasks of your engagement period. That is, after all, why you’re getting married! I want to empower you to have the time to do this by being your planner. 

I value and take seriously my relationships with my clients and fellow wedding professionals. When we work together from a place of genuine relationship, I have found that our process are smoother, less frustrating, and allows me to better serve you! I hope that we can become friends, even beyond your wedding.

The heart of Tres Beau Weddings lies in our Core Values: Relationships, Personal Style and Good Design, Hospitality, Beauty, and Excellence. We believe that your wedding should be the best reflection of who you are as a couple and it is an event that is worth putting your time, your heart, and your resources into! We want to be your partner in that process so that your wedding day is smooth and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most!